Aha-moments gør livet større

Kender du det. Du har en helt fast forestilling om, hvordan tingene hænger sammen, og pludselig viser det sig, at noget helt andet er ligeså sandt eller måske endnu sandere?

Lidt som da man opdagede, at det altså ikke var storken, der kom med børnene, eller at det var onkel Hans, der gemte sig bag julemandskostumet.

Sådan et aha-moment oplevede jeg for nylig.

Det mest interessante ved historien er, at jeg har haft lignende oplevelser mangegange før. Den her gang stod det bare bøjet i neon med STORE BOGSTAVER!

Jeg har netop deltaget i en konkurrence, hvor Storytelling indgik som en af opgaverne. Det er derfor, jeg har skrevet på engelsk. Jeg vandt i øvrigt konkurrencens BIG PRIZE … et seks måneders coachingforløb- Men det er en anden historie.

Her kommer øjenåbneren:


“I have too much work to pause!”

Even though I am a big advocate for pausing, breathing, devoting time to do nothing and being your own best friend, I still hear that loud speaking voice inside of me saying,

“I don’t have time to pause now!”

Some times when I am not aware the ‘work more-work harder-voice’ wins and I find myself hours later realizing I missed the ‘self-caring voice’ telling me:

“I am tired. It’s time for time out.”

A few days ago I was the witness to a battle between the two voices pulling in each their direction.

Being in the middle of a big book project I have committed myself to at least one hour of deep work focus with my book each day. Sunday I have allowed myself to take a day off and not write unless I am really inspired and in flow.

Here I am. It’s already lunchtime and I have been caught up in paperwork all morning.

“It’s writing time, Ilona,” says the work-more-work-harder-voice.
“I feel exhausted, I need a time out.”
“Write anyway!”
I sigh. Feel a strong pull to jump on my bike and head for the beach.

Long story short. A few moments later I am on my way with a smile on my face and my packed lunch, my towel, my dairy, and the novel I enjoy reading at the moment in my basket. I can already smell the salty sea and feel the cool water on my skin.

Swimming … relaxing … doing nothing except for enjoying the sun and the mild breeze caressing my body … reading … swimming again …


Playing around in the water my dear friend INSPIRTATON joins me.

My heart bursting with joy and excitement I run the few meters back to grab my towel, dry myself quickly with my head full of words eager to flow to the paper.

Writing nonstop for one and a half hour, I write the most difficult scene of my book. The scene that has haunted me for a very, very looong time

Oh My God … what a great learning experience!

I don’t have time NOT to pause!

And what about you?

Do you allow yourself room for a TIME OUT now and then?

Think about it …

When do YOU get your best ideas … when you are busy or when you relax?